Supporting Excellence in Reflexology Education 


ACARET is the accreditation organization responsible for setting educational standards for the profession of reflexology in America. ACARET Accreditation is a voluntary, non-governmental peer review process by the reflexology education community.

offers accreditation for (1) individual educators  who meet ACARET criteria and (2) reflexology curriculum submitted by an AAEd that meets the criteria for a 300-hour program for reflexology certification. 

Accreditation of Reflexology Course Curriculum (AARC) is a separate application process from the application for an individual educator. Accreditation as a reflexology educator is awarded the credentials of AAEd, ACARET Accredited Educator. This credentialing for individual teachers is not an endorsement or accreditation of their courses or content of courses.  An educator can be accredited and a reflexology course curriculum can be accredited, however this requires two different application processes. The primary requirement for AARC is that an applicant must first have individual AAEd Accreditation as a teacher.  



On our site, you will learn more about the ACARET Board of Directors , our mission statement,
who is eligible to apply for accreditation and the benefits of accreditation for individual reflexology educators and/or owners of reflexology courses.

To help you Find ACARET Accredited Educators (AAEd credentialed teachers of reflexology), we provide a database listed by State. We also provide links to other professional reflexology organizations. 

ACARET is part of the Five Elements of the Reflexology Profession: